Kid’s View of Therapy

Hi kids!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to a psychologist (say: suh-kah-loh-jist)? Well, read on and I’ll tell you a bit about it.

A psychologist is a kind of doctor. Some doctors, like your pediatrician (say: pe-de-uh-trish-en), help you feel better if you have a cold or a broken bone or something that makes your body feel bad. Sometimes though, kids have problems with their feelings or the way they act. That’s when they might talk to a psychologist. A psychologist will help you with things like feeling happier, getting along better with your family and friends, and doing a better job at school.

We are psychologists and we have learned a lot about the way people think and feel and how to help people feel better.  We really like to help kids solve problems and deal with tough situations. There are many reasons why your mom or dad might bring you to visit with one of us but the biggest reason is because they want you to feel better.  We also want you to feel better too and we can’t wait to meet you.

You may wonder what happens while you meet with us here. Well, there will be different things sometimes, but you can be sure that there are no needles or shots. During our time together, we will spend time talking and doing activities. We may see you many times or only just a few. It really depends on what you, your parents, and I all decide will be best for you.

Remember, talking to a psychologist is No Big Deal! Some kids feel that getting this kind of help makes them weak or means they are crazy. But that is not true. If you need help, seeing a psychologist or someone else who can help you feel better is the right thing to do. Everyone has problems sometimes, and it’s smart to take charge and work them out.

If you have more questions just write them down and we’ll talk about them when we see you. You can also ask your mom or dad and they might be able to answer your questions.

See you soon!