Teen’s View of Therapy

Why is this happening?

“Why is this happening” may be the question you ask yourself when you first find out that your parents are taking you to see a psychologist. Or . . .“Why is this happening” may be the question you ask yourself when you are going through a rough time and wish you had someone like a psychologist to talk to, to help you sort out your emotions and feel better.

Teens and other individuals come to therapy for many reasons. Some teens come to therapy when they experience family troubles or problems in school. Some teens meet with a psychologist for testing or to get help with organizational skills. A few other examples of situations when coming to therapy might help are when someone:

-needs help getting organized and improving their concentration
-feels sad or depressed
-feels too worried, too stressed out, or too shy
-is dieting or overeating for too long and it becomes a problem
-is dealing with a learning problem
-is coping with an illness
-is dealing with difficult family changes or problems
-wants to sort out problems like managing anger or frustration
-wants to build self-confidence
-wants to figure out ways to cope with peer pressure and make more friends

Talking to a psychologist can help you feel more supported – especially if you are feeling sad, angry, or overwhelmed by what’s been happening in your life. In short, therapy offers people support when they are going through difficult times.

Sometimes teens feel relieved and welcome the idea of talking to someone to get help with their challenges. At other times, teens may feel criticized, embarrassed, or even angry that they are going to therapy. But learning a bit more about what therapy involves and what to expect can help make it seem OK.

Remember, talking to a psychologist is No Big Deal! It does not mean you are weak or that you are crazy. You don’t have to hide the fact that you’re going to a therapist, but you also don’t have to tell anyone if you’d prefer not to. Some teens decide just to tell a few close friends that they are going to therapy and find that it helps them to feel like they’re not alone. If you need help, seeing a psychologist or someone else who can help you feel better is the right thing to do. Everyone has problems sometimes, and it’s smart to take charge and work them out.

If you have more questions just write them down and we’ll talk about them when we meet. You can also ask your parents and they might be able to answer your questions.

We look forward to meeting with you.

See you soon!