Attention Competitive Athletes:
Middle-School - Young Adult !

Master Your Mind & Excel Beyond Limitations

Get Your Head IN the Game and Master Your MENTAL Game!

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Master Your Mind & Excel Beyond Limitations

Dive into a 2-session series of 1:1 virtual instruction, where you’ll gain powerful strategies to shatter mental barriers, defeat performance anxiety, and FINALLY put an end to your inner critic’s relentless chatter!

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Huddle up! It’s Time For a New Game Plan.

You certainly don’t have a problem with hard work!  You’re giving it everything you’ve got – from those early morning runs to the afternoon swims, from the grueling evening practices to the non-stop weekend games. Whether it’s the commitments of travel teams, your dedication to strength and conditioning programs, or the relentless pursuit of offseason sports, you’re leaving it all on the field.

Despite your dedication, you feel like mental blocks are holding you back.  They seem to pop up from all directions, whether it’s from past setbacks, stressing about what others might think, or convincing yourself that you’ll never measure up. 

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Competitive Athletes
Middle-School --- Young Adult

Dealing with Performance Anxiety and Self-Doubt.

Struggling Mentally?

You’re powering through fatigue, tackling those tough mental hurdles, all to reach the top of your game. But something just isn’t clicking, and you can feel it weighing you down.

Experiencing Doubts?

You ARE an athlete – dedicated to training and working hard to master your skill with each sweat-soaked practice. But as competition time approaches, a cloud of doubt hovers. Pressure grows, confidence wavers, and the fear of falling short grips you. Again!

Performance Setback?

It’s like tripping over a hurdle and face-planting onto the track. Suddenly, your performance takes a hit, and doubts creep in about whether you still love the sport as much as you used to.  Worse yet – you begin to wonder if you’ve got what it takes?

You’ve been told you’re hard on yourself – and you agree! But you’re also REALLY ready to crush those mental blocks holding you back.

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Get Your Head IN the Game and Master Your MENTAL Game!

Within these challenges, there’s a path forward. Here’s where the magic begins: You’re going to boldly envision yourself stepping onto the field with unbreakable confidence, seeing victory unfold in your imagination, and overcoming challenges effortlessly. But it’s not just a vision – it will be your new reality!

As you become the master of your mental game, self-doubt, fear of failure, and performance anxiety will fade away into the crowd.  You’ll be able to hear your own voice – loud and clear – driving you toward the goals you’ve set for yourself.  You’ll be able to talk to yourself like your beloved coach would talk to you.  You’ll feel encouraged and know how to push hard without burning yourself out.  You’ll feel confident in your sport and you’ll also reignite the passion that propels your journey. 

  1. Envision Unbreakable Confidence
  2. Master Your Mental Game
  3. Push Without Burnout
  1. Hear Your Voice
  2. ‘Encouraging Coach’ Self-Talk
  3. Reignited Passion

Designed for athletes like you SO YOU CAN reach YOUR goals.

We get it – you’re juggling a lot. Between being a student-athlete and navigating social life and other demands, your schedule is packed. That’s why this 2-session 1:1 program is designed to cut through the clutter and provide you with evidence-based strategies. These methods have proven effective for dedicated athletes just like you, so you can maximize your performance without the unnecessary fluff.

Athletes are constantly aiming for better performance. We understand your doubts about measuring up, questioning your natural talent and potential for success. But talent is just one piece of the puzzle. Our program is tailored for driven athletes like you, equipping you with evidence-based strategies for success, no matter where you start. Don’t let doubts hinder you. Let’s focus on what you can achieve with the right tools and mindset.

Don't let the competition outshine you — take action now and get ahead on your path to achieving your athletic goals.

Seize the opportunity to level up your game! Take the leap now and grab hold of your athletic journey. Enroll today and gear up with the tools you need to leave your rivals in the dust and dominate your sport like never before! 

Benefits of "Breaking Through Mental Blocks" program

Explore the advantages of our elite ‘Breaking Through Mental Blocks’ program


Refine your techniques in mental imagery to banish doubts and cultivate unshakeable confidence, transforming your performance on the field.

Positive Self-talk

Replace negative thoughts with positive self-talk and empower yourself to cultivate unshakable self-belief and resilience, ensuring you’re primed to dominate on the field, court, or track, no matter the challenge.

Goal Setting

Become a pro at breaking down big goals into smaller, doable steps, so you can crush them one by one and score those victories you’ve been dreaming of.

Stress Buster Tools

Unlock the power to stay calm under pressure, ensuring you perform at your peak, both on and off the field.

Reframe Setbacks

Gain the power to bounce back stronger and more determined than ever before by cultivating the skill to view setbacks as valuable learning opportunities, fueling your growth mindset and resilience. 

Mental Rehearsal

Master the art of “pre-play” to mentally prepare for competition with precision. Cultivate the ability to reinforce positive habits and responses, ensuring you step onto the field fully equipped to perform at your absolute best.

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Are you game to step up and make a change that could level up your performance?

No matter where your athletic journey takes you—whether it’s on the field, court, track, gymnasium, or pool—it’s time to break through mental barriers and elevate your performance. Join us to fast-track your success and unlock your full potential as an athlete. We’re eager to support you in becoming the best version of yourself in your sport. 

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Meet your ‘Mindset Mentor’:
Gianna Gambuti, MS, CTRS, CBIS, CPST

Ms. Gambuti, a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) and Master Level Recreational Therapist (CTRS), is dedicated to empowering athletes and fitness enthusiasts to reach their peak performance. With personalized sessions, she equips individuals with proven strategies to conquer mental barriers, cultivate resilience, and ignite a growth mindset. Through stress reduction techniques, confidence-building exercises, visualization tools, and creative arts, she guides clients towards their goals with passion and expertise

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Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this therapy?
A: While our sessions are not therapy, they offer invaluable support and guidance to help you achieve your athletic and fitness goals.

Q: Additional services available upon request?
A: Absolutely! Feel free to explore our range of services and reach out if you’re interested in further support.

Q: Can I also participate in therapy services?
A: Certainly! Feel free to reach out to our office to explore the therapy services we offer and schedule an appointment.



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