Specialized Therapy: Adolescents


The transition from child to adult may be anticipated with excitement or fear…by those going through the process, and their parents.

A great deal of change occurs during this period and change…whether for the positive or not…can be stressful.

Among the many changes that occur during adolescence is learning who we are and who we want to be. Identity development in adolescence differs from development in other life stages. This is the first time identity is considered by the individual in terms of how it will impact their life moving forward. Exploring one’s potential identities may be exciting, interesting, perilous, and/or risky.  Parents living with adolescents may wonder, “Is this typical development or is this a cause for concern?”.

Cognitive and behavioral strategies to manage emotions and behavior may be beneficial to the adolescent and their parents in moving forward and through this stage of development successfully. For adolescents, these skills and strategies will serve them well as they navigate life-long development.


Dr. Pierre has extensive experience working with individuals who are moving through adolescence, and the adults who are helping them on their journey. We invite you to reach out to our practice to learn more about how we can provide you with counseling support.