Specialty Program: Momming During COVID

Parenting Through a Pandemic…

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been so many changes that have made situations that are naturally challenging even more difficult. Becoming a mother – either for the first time or again to another child – is a time of significant stress and change. With the current pandemic and social climate, it is normal to feel overwhelmed about how to handle your new role and to feel somewhat isolated during the postpartum period.

This 4-session postpartum group will be for you to:

  • connect with other moms that had a child during the covid-19 pandemic
  • learn about typical symptoms associated with postpartum stress and how the covid-19 pandemic may be impacting you
  • discuss strategies for postpartum stress management and how to decide if you need to seek counseling 

Important details:

  • This 4-session group is limited to 8 participants
  • Sessions are $25/each and participants should attend each session. Full payment for the 4-sessions are due upon registration.
  • Sessions will be held virtually. Upon registering, you will receive more information about how to connect and how to maintain privacy during sessions. 
  • Each session will be 45 minutes

Sound like something you or someone in your life would be interested in? If you are interested in participating in this video conferenced group or have questions about any of our specialty programs, please contact our office manager Courtney at Courtney@DakhariPsyc.com or by calling 856-780-6293.