Specialized Therapy: Tiny Tots

Even small children can have big challenges. Dr. Dakhari has expertise providing therapy for very young children, aged birth to pre-school. Her professional experience has included training consulting for a statewide Early Intervention Program, training at A. I. duPont Hospital for Children’s Behavior Consultation Clinic, Early Childhood Education certification, and teaching in daycare settings.

Parents may wonder whether to use a wait-and-see approach, hoping that problems end on their own, or to seek additional help. Research demonstrates that problems typically respond best to intervention services when they are provided early and in a developmentally appropriate fashion. Infants and toddlers may at times present with unique challenges such as feeding difficulties, biting, sleep difficulties, developmental delay, tantrums, and daycare challenges. Early intervention helps to lessen the negative effects and prevent additional problems from developing. Dr. Dakhari welcomes your questions about early childhood development and therapy services for your child.