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Though our Minding What Matters blog, we invite you to focus on paying attention to and taking care of the things that hold significance or importance in life. We emphasize the idea of prioritizing what truly matters, whether it be relationships, personal goals, values, or other aspects of life. By Minding What Matters, we want you to cultivate a mindful approach to living, being intentional about directing attention and energy towards the aspects of life that bring meaning and fulfillment.

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As wellness and mental health providers, we want you to be well-informed and we are often recommending resources that we think will help to enhance your journey. 

Some of these are resources that we have found personally to be of great value. 

Others are resources that we have heard high praises about from clients, other providers, and other professionals. 

At times, we can quickly pull a book or other item off of our shelf as an illustrative reference. At other times, you may find yourself endless searching for that helpful needle in a haystack. 

Together, providers at Dakhari Psychological Services, LLC have worked to curate resources and to partner with Amazon to help you more readily locate items and to purchase them. While these resources are not being recommended by us as a specific endorsement of any claim, are not intended to treat or cure any illness/disease, and remain at the discretion of the original author/developer/manufacturer – we do hope that the resources will prove helpful.

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from We may receive commissions for purchases made through links to various other companies in these posts.   We also recommend resources for which we have no affiliate relationship or where there may be relationships outside of Amazon.     The presence or absence of affiliate relationships do not affect which products are included in our articles.  All of the products that we recommend are due to their intended benefit(s) regardless of any affiliate relationships.

Minding What Matters

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