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Compassion, expertise, and genuine support



we Improve People’s Lives and

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YEAH! Yep! Oh, yes indeed! We are currently accepting new patients into our DakhariPsyc Fam!

Feeling overwhelmed in the endless sea of online resources for therapy and mental health? In today’s digital era, countless therapists and therapy platforms emerge, each touting a unique approach. Choosing professional assistance is vital for nurturing your mental health, ensuring you receive personalized care and support.

We are passionate about active and empathic listening, understanding your unique needs, and delivering evidence-based care with compassion and expertise. 

We empower you to enjoy life the way you envisioned it should be! 

Therapy & Specialty Programs

Our expertise incorporates a variety of techniques based upon the best available research to help individuals with a range of needs.

Our clinicians see very young children, school-age kids, teenagers, young adults, and adults to improve functioning across a variety of needs.
Early intervention can help to lessen negative effects and prevent additional problems from developing.

Strengthen bonds as you work with your clinician to address family, friend or romantic partner relationship needs.

Therapy within an affirming environment can be transformative as you or your family member address needs and challenges of day-to-day life in general and those unique to individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+.
A safe space to talk about the various joys, questions, and challenges of prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum experiences is beneficial to women and men in need of support.

Art therapy is for everyone, regardless of artistic skill or age. Engaging in art therapy can provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to learn and grow as you explore emotions, thoughts, and experiences through creative expression.

Our clinicians support healthy functioning as you navigate coping with short and long-term illness / injury or the recovery process.
Our clinicians are sensitive to therapy needs that interface with issues of race, ethnicity, and geographic background as well as religion/belief systems, socioeconomic backgrounds, disabilities, health conditions, gender, sexual orientation, living conditions, and more.

Discover our practice’s specialized programs catering to various needs. While therapy may be time-limited, wellness knows no bounds! Dive into our offerings today!


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