Gianna Gambuti

Gianna Gambuti, MS, CTRS, CBIS, CPST

Ms. Gambuti is a Master Level Recreational Therapist who works with infants/toddlers, young children, adolescents, young adults, and adults helping improve to quality of life and to achieve developmental milestones.  Her work with clients involves teaching coping strategies to address a variety of needs.  Areas of focus include helping clients to build skills in stress reduction, improved confidence, self-esteem/self-advocacy, visualization/mindfulness tools, emotional expression via creative arts, and developing a growth mindset.  Ms. Gambuti also addresses sensory integration needs, integrates Yoga into her sessions, and is a certified Zumba instructor. 

Ms. Gambuti took initiative in utilizing her skills and passion to start a well-received Special Olympics Program at her club gymnastics team.  She also presented at the 2019 Evidence-Based Practice Conference at Temple University about her research on Snoezelen multi-sensory environments (specialized therapeutic spaces designed to promote, calm, targeted stimulation, and enhance learning and development) for individuals with sensory processing disorders.  She is working to publish her research and continues to incorporate gained knowledge into her work with clients. 

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