Our Vision

Dakhari Psychological Services, LLC is dedicated to providing excellence in service of the health and well-being of our community.  You will notice our commitment to professionalism, warmth, and genuine compassion infused throughout.  We want you to have a remarkable experience – a DakhariPsyc experience – from the first call to the graduating session. 

Our Values

Our expertise incorporates a variety of techniques based upon the best available research to help individuals with a range of needs.  As practitioners, we are skilled consumers of research and strive to provide compassionate and sensitive clinical care that focuses on building one’s strengths.  We aim to provide you with excellent service through our integration of personalized patient care, expertise in therapeutic interventions, quality wellness programs, and focus on service to the communities to which we all belong. 

We at Dakhari Psychological Services have six core values that guide us in decision making and shape the culture of our practice.  They are values that we would search for in seeking care for ourselves or a loved one.  We trust that you will find that these values have a powerful influence on all that we do.  Together these values form the acronym HEROIC.  That’s just what we think you are – heroic – for seeking care, for valuing yourself or a loved one, and for taking action.  Welcome heroes! 

Happiness: we strive to cultivate well-being and optimism. 

Expertise: we are driven by passion, focused on delivering value and impact. 

Responsibility: our services are delivered with integrity and the courage to make a change. 

Openness: a culture of caresupport, and inclusion guide our interactions. 

Innovation: we are excited by creativity and growth. 

Collaboration: clear communication and working together are essential to our practice.