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Dakhari Psychological Services, LLC is a practice highly focused on providing evidenced-based treatment We endeavor to provide our patients with services that are compassionate, timely, and well-informed.  We also aim to provide excellent training opportunities that prepare graduate level clinicians for the next stage of their professional life.  In the journey to become a psychologist, a clinician will have obtained an advanced graduate degree, which includes approximately 6 – 7 years of graduate school and additional training. 

Dakhari Psychological Services, LLC is pleased to offer the services of Postdoctoral Fellows receiving the required supervised training to acquire the skills necessary toward licensure in clinical psychology.  Postdoctoral Fellows in clinical psychology have completed their doctoral degree and are continuing the 6 – 7 year journey toward licensure. While completing the required postdoctoral training in order to be eligible to receive their license, they receive rigorous supervision, are steeped in current empirical literature, and are continually adding to their repertoire of skills. We are proud of the education and training our therapists have obtained and continue to gain.     

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Name: Dr. Kelly N. Moore

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