Help for Middle Schoolers

Dealing With Difficult Peers

...because dealing with difficult people is...DIFFICULT!

Parents, empower both yourself and your middle schooler to confidently navigate complex peer interactions with proven strategies and effective tools.

This exclusive 5-week wellness program – Dealing With Difficult Peers – is tailored specifically for middle schoolers and their parents.  

It is infused with our expertise in child psychology and social dynamics.  

We totally get where you’re coming from and how much you want to support your child. We’re here to address those concerns head-on and equip you with proven strategies! 

Flexible scheduling to meet your needs!

Please call 856-780-6293 or e-mail us at and ask to discuss scheduling options, fees, and other details.

Program Details

Flexible scheduling to meet your needs! When you call our office, plan to schedule your 5 meetings that will each meet for 1-hour. You and your middle schooler will meet with your program leader virtually or in person.

Meetings can be virtual or in person within our office.  

Dealing With Difficult Peers is all about one-on-one sessions with both you and your middle schooler, led by your program leader.  While these meetings are not therapy sessions, they’re incredibly beneficial and can provide valuable support!

It’s time to take that step forward, knowing you’re making a real difference in your child’s journey. So let’s do this together—empowering your child with conflict resolution tools to handle middle school relationships with confidence and resilience.

As a parent, your journey through your child’s middle school years can feel like riding an emotional roller coaster. You’re all too familiar with the heartbreak of seeing your child struggle with friendship challenges, toxic relationships, feeling left out or targeted, and overwhelming personalities. Each school day brings a new wave of worry as you brace yourself for the latest drama.

Middle school can be tough. You know that shielding your child from the world isn’t the answer, but you’re desperate for a better way to help them ride these ups and downs. The frustration is hitting you hard as you watch them struggle and you’re tired of internet searches for something—anything—that’ll actually make a difference.

Navigating through cliques, handling emotionally draining friendships, and dealing with overwhelming personalities can leave any young person feeling lost and stressed out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re all about making sure your child doesn’t just get by socially in middle school – but thrives. 

With high school on the horizon, you’ve got a good idea of what’s coming socially, and you’re all about guiding them through friendships and relationships. Sitting back and watching? Nope, not your style. You’re ready to jump in and give them all the tools and social skills they need to really shine. Now.

What Topics Are Covered In These Meetings

In just five meetings, we’ll provide you and your middle schooler with foundational tools to tackle key challenges, including:

  • Navigating cliques with ease, understanding how to connect with like-minded peers
  • Creating and/or maintaining genuine relationships
  • Recognizing and managing emotionally draining or “toxic” friendships
  • Setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing their well-being
  • Learning how to interact effectively with different types of personalities
  • Handling difficult social interactions assertively and confidently

Please call 856-780-6293 or e-mail us at and ask to discuss scheduling options, fees, and other details.