Focus on Relationships

Strengthen bonds as you work with your clinician to address family, friend or romantic partner relationship needs.

Focus On Relationships

Relationships of all kinds bring joys, ups and downs, frustrations, and fears.  They can be a source of support and confidence.  They can also contribute to stresses and concerns.  You can learn to strengthen bonds as you work with your clinician to address family, friend, or romantic partner relationship needs.  Your clinician will apply research-based techniques to help you identify your strengths as well as to develop and practice more effective interpersonal skills.  The context of a supportive environment allows you to talk openly with someone who is not only skilled in the areas where you’d like to receive guidance, but who is also objective, neutral and nonjudgmental.  Your provider will work to teach relationship effectiveness skills that are valuable across numerous situations.   

These include: 

  • Active & Reflective Listening 
  • Assertiveness & Self-respect effectiveness 
  • Empathy, respect & patience 
  • Conflict management &Problem-solving 
  • Openness, Respect & Dependability 
  • Friendliness, kindness & humor 
  • Adaptability & flexibility 
  • Decision making 
  • Emotional intelligence 

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