Rachel Borowiec, MS, LPC

Rachel Borowiec, a Licensed Professional Counselor, draws from over 14 years of experience to empower individuals, couples, and families in achieving personal wellness.  She utilizes her extensive expertise to support clients across all age groups. Rachel is committed to helping clients become the best versions of themselves.  Her therapeutic approach is LGBTQIA+ affirming and she welcomes clients of all backgrounds.  She believes that therapy offers you a safe space to access inner strength, feel connected, and organize thoughts.  Drawing from evidence-based approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Rachel’s work is traumainformed, client-centered, and focused on enhancing the systems in which clients function. Rachel is committed to guiding and educating her clients in ways that assist them to navigate emotions, thrive in social interactions, confront life’s obstacles, and develop insight and practical skills. 

Rachel has extensive experience assisting clients facing phase of life challenges, low motivation, destructive anger, stress and anxiety, intense moods, and past traumatic experiences. She excels in motivational interviewing, a potent method for aiding individuals in addressing their uncertainties about making changes.   

Rachel enjoys working with families. Family therapy can address issues related to blended families, co-parenting, and extended family dynamics, fostering a healthier and more unified family unit. When working with families, Rachel helps individuals manage their emotions and behaviors within the family system. She is also experienced in Bowen Family Systems therapy, an approach looks at how family dynamics and individual behavior affect each other. Through this method, she helps clients understand how family relationships are connected, their impact on each family member’s emotions and psychological well-being, and facilitates changes in relationship patterns within the family.    

Couples therapy has numerous benefits for partners looking to strengthen their relationship, improve communication, and reignite the spark in their partnership. In her work with couples, Rachel creates a safe and structured environment for partners to express their feelings, resolve conflicts effectively, and develop empathy and understanding towards each other’s perspectives. She assists couples in navigating life transitions and supporting each other through challenging times. Rachel helps couples identify negative behavior patterns and dynamics within their relationship, empowering partners to make positive changes and break destructive cycles. By addressing underlying issues and learning effective strategies, Rachel helps couples experience profound growth and develop a more resilient and fulfilling bond with each other. 

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Name:Rachel Borowiec

Phone: 856-375-1330

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